Friday, June 18, 2010

Playing with Blocks

Wikipedia describes Roblox "as a free online multiplayer game, where you play in user-created worlds with blocks. Unlike most other games there aren't any pre-defined goals. You are given a variety of objects, a scripting language, other people and left to do whatever you want."

They sure don't make it sound fun or like something that you can do much with... come on, "build with blocks?" Well, that impression is totally wrong! Roblox is awesome!

Roblox has over 3 million members. Members design their own games by using computer scripting using a language called Lua. The best games are ranked and members compete to have the best games. I have had the #1 game on Roblox several times now. I had a 4th of July celebration game that was very successful.

I also have a game called "Nuke Disposal" where your job is to get a train carrying nuclear waste to a disposal area. It was visited almost 60,000 times!

I have just finished a hair cutting game, "Ro-cuts," where I learned how to use GUIs (graphical user interfaces) to let members change their hair styles. I just uploaded it and it has already had over 1,000 visits and I haven't even started putting any ads up for it!

I'm kinda famous on Roblox. When I come into a game, people will say, "It's the creator!" and have "I met Monkeyjoe995!" on their pages. Some of them want to have their character's picture taken with mine. It's especially funny when I'm visiting another game and all of sudden someone recognizes me, usually from "Nuke Disposal" and they say, "You're famous! I can't believe I got to meet you!"

My games have been visited 87,813 times, so a lot of people know who I am and recognize me. They ask for my help and so I have started teaching scripting classes online.

I teach 3 levels of Lua scripting and over 100 people are taking my classes.

I've been asked to teach things more and more lately. I am teaching the Lua classes online and at CAP I have been asked to teach the Cadet Oath to the new members in Charlie Flight. I know my memory work really well and so it was easy for me to teach them. See more about that here.

I'm hoping to take real scripting classes in high school, but I need to take some prerequisite classes first. I wanted to start that this summer, but with no money in CA for summer school, people have to pay themselves if they want to take any classes. You can see my grades here. I bet this is difficult for a lot of kids who have goals and are trying to build a good future for themselves. I guess if I'm stressed about it I can always relax by just playing with some blocks!

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