Friday, June 18, 2010

D's Graduation

Danielle graduated from Fullerton College a couple weeks ago. It was a cloudy and rainy night for California.

We got together before graduation and then went to the stands. Aidan and I sat in the stands and Amanda and Mom sat on the side of the field since mom is in the wheelchair. She told Danielle which side they were sitting on so Danielle made sure she walked down that side of the field. When she walked by Amanda was able to get some good pictures of her.

She graduated with highest honors.

Here are the proofs of the professional photos taken by "Grad-images" who did a great job. Danielle is buying some of the photos, but we haven't gotten them yet.

Here is a picture that Amanda took of my sisters.

We're all really proud of Danielle and how hard she worked to get her degree while she was working full-time too!

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