Friday, July 2, 2010

O Flight

I know - O Flight - sounds like it should be some ode to flying, but it is really referring to an orientation flight I took on Saturday. Our squadron got together to practice drilling, to have our drilling taped for a training video and to take O Flights.

The drilling was more fun that I thought it would be. Not only did they want to video tape us drilling correctly, they asked us to drill improperly - harder (and funnier) than you'd think! They actually had to make suggestions to us about how we could mess-up so they could have good footage of us stepping on each other heels, etc!

Then it was my turn for an O Flight. The instructors take off and land, but let us fly the plane while we're in the air. I had just started flying when the other cadet in the plane started feeling ill. Coincidence? I hope so! Anyway we were going to fly up the coast, but instead we had to stop at another local airport just long enough for the pilot to find an air-sick bag for the other cadet and then we flew back to our home airport. I hope we get more O Flight chances soon... and that I go up with a different cadet!

I can't wait to see the training video. If they put it up online, I'll definitely link to it here!